God’s Pocket Resort

God’s Pocket Resort – A Succession Plan Realized

Located on Hurst Island, not far from Port Hardy, God’s Pocket is an all-inclusive, destination eco-lodge that offers scuba diving and kayaking trips in God’s Pocket Marine Provincial Park. In a beautiful protected bay the resort offers comfortable, off-grid accommodation for its guests and some of the world’s best cold water diving experiences and locations very near the resort. The resort is also popular amongst kayakers looking to explore the islands around God’s Pocket.

After 20 years owning the resort, Anne Ceshi and Bill Weeks decided it was time to retire and eventually agreed to sell the resort. Working then with Community Futures an initial buyer was identified but did not work out. At that time Community Futures also facilitated a formal appraisal of the property and buildings.

In the ensuing months Anne and Bill referred Claus Eckbo and Antoine Moret who are based in Vancouver, to Community Futures to assist with a “transition plan.” As two seasoned entrepreneurs Claus and Antoine recognized the solid value that Anne and Bill had built into their diving and kayaking resort. It is their plan to maintain that focus while adding eco-tourism, yoga and “rewilding” retreats to their resort offerings.

From a Community Future’s perspective this project represented a great “succession” planning outcome to keep a valuable coastal resort operating. In addition, Community Futures Mt. Waddington was able to include CF Powell River and CF Alberni Clayoquot in a syndicate arrangement to provide the loan that made the purchase possible.

A definite win-win-win scenario!

  • Community Futures Mt. Waddington