Have you ever dreamed of being self-employed? Not necessarily starting a company, or building a business empire, but just being your own boss? Does the thought scare you, intrigue you, or excite you? Probably all of those emotions are felt when you consider “going out on your own” but is it really that scary? Is there help out there? Could it be within your reach?
4 Reasons Self-Employment Might Work For You:

  1. You’re not afraid of hard work and long hours and you’re a self-starter. You’re comfortable making decisions – being the leader.
  2. You’re passionate about what you do – either your primary work skill, or your hobby.
  3. You’re not afraid of taking risks and are willing to invest time, effort, and money into your future. Uncertainty doesn’t faze you.
  4. You like people, enjoy networking and love promoting your ideas to anyone who will listen. The idea of going out and selling your product or service is an exciting proposition, not one you’re afraid of.

4 Reasons Why It’s Within Your Reach:

  1. Some 2.7 million (2010 labour force survey) people are self-employed in B.C. And, 21% of total employment in rural areas is self-employment. In line with the general trend toward an aging population (i.e. Baby Boomers), people aged between 55 and 64 make up 24% of self-employed individuals in rural and small town Canada.
  2. Depending on what products or services you want to offer, the risk doesn’t need to be very high. You can make a start while still employed if you want, or take a part-time job while establishing your new ‘business.’
  3. If you sit down and create a solid business plan, members of your family and friends will support your efforts, some may even help with funding your start-up. You then have a support group that can help you through the first year or so.
  4. There are many organizations in your community to assist you, including Community Futures Mt. Waddington ( which provides counselling services to support individuals wanting to establish and grow their businesses. They also operate a loan program.

Making the transition from employment to self-employment can be scary. There is certainly security in knowing that you’ll get a pay cheque every two weeks, or see the money appear in your bank account on a regular basis. But, how secure is any employment really? Companies can close down, lay people off, it happens all the time. The bottom line is, how strong is your desire to be your own boss? Do you have the temperament, work ethic, skills, personality, and drive to go it alone? If the answer is yes, then self-employment could be a new beginning for you and your family; one where you are in control of your destiny!